Kate Middleton ‘secretly attends a rave’ without Prince William

In this summer period, Kate Middleton would have gone to a famous festival organized in the Norfolk countryside, according to several British media.

A princess having fun. This year has been particularly rich in emotions for Kate Middleton and her family, marked in particular by the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth II, the coronation of Charles III and by the many prince harry outings. And if the Princess of Wales recently relaxed in the royal stands at Wimbledon, after the tennis court, she would have passed on the danceflooraccording to an article byMirrordated August 14, 2023. Indeed, after a dinner organized a few months ago with friends, the pretty forties would have decided to attend “secretly at a rave” in this summer period, without the company of his half, Prince William, as a source told the Mail Online.

After dinner, one of the guests suggested that Catherine go to a festival. Catherine was nervous about the idea, but after many discussions with her protection officers, she went there very safely. William was not there”, thus entrusted the adviser to our colleagues. The mother of George, Charlotte and Louis would thus have set foot in HoughtonFestival, in rural Norfolk, as did 10,000 people this year between August 10 and 13. It must be said that this unmissable meeting of electronic music in Great Britain brought together renowned artists to conquer the crowd and therefore, potentially, a member of the Crown: Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, Ben UFO, Helena Hauff, Sonja Moonear, Jane Fitz or Francesco Del Garda, as well as a number of rookie DJs.

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Kate Middleton has the rhythm in her skin

This is not the first time that Kate Middleton has been carried away by music. Last year, she and her husband left the crowd speechless doing a few dance steps when they were welcomed to Hopkins, a village in Belize. The daughter-in-law of Charles III was also the first to move in this way, thus joining nine schoolchildren from the Garifuna cultural center. A moment out of time which also left an imperishable memory to Laura Cacho, organizer of this meeting, who had then greeted the talent of the Prince and Princess of Walesas the Mirror transcribed: “It was so exciting, a dream come true. It was fun, he danced well and I told him he had the Garifuna culture in him. He danced the punta better than me. He was shaking his waist in time to the music. Kate was excellent too, she carries the Garifuna culture within her.


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