Keyboard shortcut in Windows 10: How to start a program immediately with admin rights

If you not only use your PC regularly, but also want to change things on it from time to time, you often have to start programs as an administrator. This is much easier on Windows 10 than many users know. We’ll show you how to do it with a simple key combination.

Whether running programs, new installations or in the settings – a well-known obstacle under Windows 10 are the so-called administrator rights. Even if you are logged in as an admin and have the right password, you have to run many programs explicitly as an administrator in order to be able to make changes to the system.

The standard way for most users is via the start menu in Windows 10: There you can right-click on a program, select “More” and click on the “Run as administrator” option.

However, it is much faster with a simple key combination that allows you to run programs as admin within a few seconds. The trick is particularly worthwhile if you work a lot with your keyboard or use applications very often as an administrator.

Start the Windows program as an administrator – this key combination works

With a simple trick you can easily start applications in administrator mode.
With a simple trick you can easily start applications in administrator mode.

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Instead of right-clicking and instructing via the context menu, all you have to do is the Ctrl and Shift key pressed at the same time and then start the program regularly with the Enter key or click.

All PCs with Windows version 10 1803 or newer can also use the key combination in the “Run” dialog box, which can be accessed via the Windows key+R is opened. For example, you can enter “cmd.exe” here and then the Ctrl + Shift +Enter actuate. Then the command prompt will be started as administrator.

Under Windows 10, you can tell whether you have really started the desired application as an administrator by a simple hint: The user account control asks for the password when the program starts or you have to agree with Yes or No to allow changes to the computer. Read here how to deactivate this notification.

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