Kim shy but focused: Bayern’s new star wants to justify the “monster” role

Kim shy but focused
Bayern’s new star wants to justify the “monster” role

Now he’s officially here: defender Min-Jae Kim should bring FC Bayern forward with his mentality. When he is presented, the defensive champion looks good and shy – and yet he wants to prove in Germany why he is considered a “monster”.

Min-Jae Kim was nothing like a monster. FC Bayern’s new head of defence, presented himself friendly and modest, almost shy, when he was introduced in the afternoon alongside CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen.

But the South Korean wants to be completely different on the pitch – a “monster”. He therefore sees this nickname “very positively. It suits my style of play. I want to show that. It is important that I can confirm this name in Germany,” said the South Korean international. Off the pitch he was “polite and shy. But I want to give my all on the pitch, it’s never been difficult for me. I want to be a leader on the pitch, not on the outside,” added Kim – and he smiled well.

Precisely because of these qualities as a leader, the German record champions transferred around 50 million euros to SSC Naples. The expectations of Kim, equipped with a five-year contract until 2028, are correspondingly high to stabilize the Bayern structure, which was extremely shaky last season.

“Min-Jae is a legend in Korea”

“If you become the best defender in the nation of defensive football, you have to know your craft. He takes us further forward. That kind of mentality is incredibly important for us,” said Dreesen, praising Kim’s “sacrifice for the team and his one-a-time attitude”. Bayern also have an urgent need in these areas.

Kim had met his new team and coach Thomas Tuchel in the past few days at the training camp at Tegernsee. Since captain Manuel Neuer and, as expected, Thomas Müller cannot be there due to hip problems in Japan and Singapore, Kim quickly becomes the focus of attention as ambassador.

“Min-Jae is already a legend in Korea, even though he’s not that old. That’s having an impact on Japan, too,” said Dreesen. That’s why Kim is “valuable on this trip”. The 26-year-old is happy to accept this. He doesn’t know “what the Japanese think of me, but I want to leave a good image behind”. According to the “monster”, he will give everything so that FC Bayern “makes a good impression” in Asia.

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