Kirby and the Forgotten World shows us his coop on video and gives us an appointment in March

2022 is an important year for the license Kirby, since it is celebrating its 30th anniversary. In order to properly celebrate the birthday of our little pink hero, we can discover Kirby and the Forgotten World in a few weeks, and if until now we were only promised that the title would arrive in the spring, a new trailer gives us a release date a little more precise.

Kirby’s New Adventure Begins Soon

It is therefore the March 25, 2022 that we will be able to discover Kirby and the Forgotten World, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. This all-new adventure promises to offer a little more freedom than usual for a game Kirby, with more modern environments and buildings ravaged by time, as in a post-apocalyptic (but cute) universe.

This new trailer reveals more gameplay to us in order to present us with various abilities of Kirby when he assimilates his opponents, while showing us the cooperation part of the game, with the presence of Bandana Waddle Dee.

To celebrate the mascot’s birthday, Nintendo is also offering a wallpaper in the colors of the series, while promising us more details on this upcoming anniversary.

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