Kiss stars Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley: Family of a deceased employee is suing them

Kiss stars Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley
Family of a deceased employee is suing her

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons (l.) and guitarist Paul Stanley.

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The family of a deceased Kiss guitar technician is suing Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley for inadequate corona protection measures.

Francis Stueber (1968-2021) worked as a guitar technician for the hard rock band Kiss for 20 years until he died as a result of corona disease. Now his family is suing the two Kiss founders Gene Simmons (74) and Paul Stanley (71). Stueber died in 2021 during the “End Of The Road” tour – a few days after he was infected with the virus.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Stueber’s family criticized the tour’s “sloppy security measures.” Guitarist Paul Stanley contracted the coronavirus in August 2021, after which it spread further among the tour staff. Francis Stueber died in a Detroit hotel in October. He was 53 years old.

Stanley and Simmons have criticized anti-vaxxers in the past

The two musicians had previously publicly criticized opponents of the corona vaccination. In an interview with the Berliner Zeitung from March 2021 Paul Stanley emphasized that opponents of vaccination would make him angry. Bassist Simmons went further: “I’m not worried about an idiot dying from coronavirus,” he told Ultimate Classic Rock on August 9, 2021. “I worry about him infecting other people.”

The American band had announced on their website on August 26, 2021to employ a full-time Covid safety officer to ensure all US health authority guidelines are adhered to during the tour. “All participants on the entire tour, both the band and the crew, are fully vaccinated,” the statement said.

Kiss manager also blamed

Stueber’s family, on the other hand, claims that the management asked everyone who was sick to go into quarantine in hotels – but that further measures were hardly mentioned in the protocols.

In addition to the two Kiss legends, Stueber’s family has also sued the band’s long-time manager, Doc McGhee. McGhee promised to send medical personnel to Stueber’s hotel room to examine him. Instead, another tour member found the guitar technician dead in his hotel room after he tested positive for the virus.

Stanley mourned the loss of his good friend and guitar technician on Instagram: “We all miss him and it’s hard for us to accept that he’s really gone. I’m praying for his wonderful family,” the musician wrote in December 2021 on a photo after Stueber’s funeral.

Already on October 17, 2021, Stanley tweeted a photo with Francis Stueber and informed about Stueber’s death. The guitar technician left behind his wife and three children.


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