Kitzlochklamm – German trapped on a via ferrata

A German citizen got stuck on the “Kitz” via ferrata. Mountain rescuers and an alpine policeman came to his aid.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Taxenbach police station was informed by the Red Cross about an alpine emergency situation of a climber on the “Kitz” via ferrata in the Kitzlochklamm in Taxenbach. The PI Taxenbach officials immediately contacted the climber by telephone. During the phone call, it turned out that the 36-year-old German citizen was in the middle area of ​​the via ferrata and could no longer ascend independently. A mountain rescuer and an alpine policeman got on the via ferrata and were able to accompany the exhausted but uninjured climber to the emergency exit point and then guide them safely down into the valley together with other mountain rescuers.