“Koh-Lanta” 2021: Vincent threatened, his unequivocal response to his former teammates: Current Woman The MAG

A turnaround in the show Koh-Lanta: secret weapons was orchestrated, Friday, April 23, 2021, on TF1. The Adventurers had to face two eliminations. And not the least. Since reunification, the former yellows were in the majority on the camp, facing the reds ready to be eliminated one after the other. At the head of the yellow ones: a quartet composed of Myriam, Thomas, Shanice and Mathieu. Four adventurers who have decided to form an alliance within their own team of which they have made themselves the chief strategists. For several weeks, Shanice and Myriam dictated the votes to their teammates before the elimination advice. Friday April 23, 2021, the trend was indeed upset by the sudden elimination of Mathieu at the end of the immunity test, thus weakening the top quartet of the yellows.

Following this surprise elimination, Shanice demanded that his teammates vote in unison against Maxine or Laure, two former reds with whom Vincent had committed during the council of ambassadors. The yellow candidate therefore reminded Shanice that, for him, voting against them was not possible. It was then that Shanice was aggressive, threatening Vincent to be eliminated by the yellows too if he did not bend to his will. : “Shanice led all the strategies that we had to follow, but who listened to no one! As soon as we tried to communicate with her, it was directly ‘no’, you had to follow her strategy. (…) I consider that we were pawns and I could no longer support this hierarchy, especially since I gave myself for this team, as we saw during the ambassadors. I could have sacrificed myself for them. I showed my loyalty to the yellows so I could not accept these pressure shots. This kind of behavior is prohibitive!“, entrusted the old yellow in the columns of our colleagues of TV-Leisure, Friday April 23, 2021.

Vincent back against the yellows

Thomas, in turn, threatened Vincent on the reunified camp. A behavior which decided Vincent to ally with the old reds to eliminate Shanice. These threats indeed greatly shocked the candidate: “You shouldn’t actually do that! Communication is the basis in Koh Lanta. Coming up and submitting such a dilemma like that doesn’t work. And especially not with me. I am of age, vaccinated and I vote against whomever I want. Especially since I had told them that it would not be against Laure and Maxine, but that Magali remained. But they wanted me to break my engagement. I cannot validate this kind of behavior … To choose, I prefer to break the one against the yellows rather than suffer their pressure blows. I cannot accept this “. A choice that led to the elimination of Shanice, upsetting the balance of the game for the next few weeks.