“Krone” on site – Corona protest camp in Vienna’s Stadtpark dissolved

Spectacular “morning roll call” in Vienna’s Stadtpark: after weeks of occupation with numerous incidents, 80 police officers, including the special unit WEGA, moved out to clear the protest camp of those who refused to be vaccinated. The “Krone” accompanied the nightly mission.

With an average number of 35 people, the corona deniers camped with tents and other equipment in the city park since last Friday. The police regularly monitored the gathering as part of their patrol duty, but now there have been a number of complaints from park visitors, according to the police. For example, young people who wore masks were molested. In addition, trees and green spaces were damaged by fire pits. In addition, complaints were received from a nearby school institution that children had been harassed and harassed by the demonstrators in an obtrusive manner. Complaints and harassment Finally, due to the complaints and harassment, the City of Vienna informed the police that it, as the landowner, would not attend the meeting can tolerate more. The 14 protest camp participants who were present were informed of the dissolution in advance in order to enable them to vacate and peacefully withdraw from the site the morning, the 80-man police team in front of the Vienna Hofburg. The convoy then went to the city park, where the security forces, coordinated from two sides, approached the protest tent camp of those who refused to be vaccinated. The 14 protesters were rudely woken up and the meeting broke up. In a preliminary balance sheet there were several reports of administrative violations.
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