Lady Gaga: Your dogs were discovered tied up in a back alley

Lady Gaga
Their dogs were discovered tied up in a back alley

Lady Gaga is said to have cried for joy.

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Lady Gaga's kidnapped dogs have reappeared safely. The finder found her tied up in a side street.

Little by little, more and more details about the kidnapping of Lady Gaga's (34, "Chromatica") dogs are known. As the US celebrity portal "TMZ" reports, the two French bulldogs were found tied up in a side street, miles away from the crime scene. The finder now beckons a juicy reward.

On Wednesday evening, the singer's dog sitter was attacked and even shot by a previously unknown perpetrator. The shooter took two of Lady Gaga's three dogs and fled undetected. The victim was only slightly injured in the attack.

$ 500,000 reward

The police are now certain that the woman who discovered the dogs was not involved in the attack and kidnapping. According to "TMZ", she is said to have recognized the animals based on the reports and brought them to a police station. The dogs should be fine.

The finder can count on a hefty reward. Accordingly, Lady Gaga wants to pay the suspended finder's fee of 500,000 "only too gladly". The singer, who is currently in Rome, Italy for the shooting of her new film, is said to be extremely happy that her dogs have reappeared safely. She is even said to have shed tears when the good news reached her that her dogs had been found.