Larissa Marolt: She is back with a new series role

Larissa Marolt (27) started her career in shows like "Germany's next top model" or "I'm a star – Get me out of here!". But at least since her role in the successful televised "Storm of Love", the model has also been taken seriously as an actress. From January 29, she can be seen in a new series role. In the ZDF crime series "Bloody Beginners" (Wednesdays at 7:25 p.m.) she plays police student Leonie. The actress has "a great passion for crime novels", as she reveals in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

From the telenovela "Storm of Love" to the police series "Bloody Beginners" – the two series could not be more different. Why this blatant change?

Larissa Marolt: I found the role of Leonie Ruska exciting right from the start. And as an actor, you should be versatile. The nice and special thing about this profession is that you can play many different characters.

Which do you prefer to play: romance or thriller?

Marolt: I find both attractive. I would also like a comedy. But I already have a great passion for crime novels.

Were you worried about jumping from one series to the next?

Marolt: No, they are two completely different series. In addition, as an actor in a series, you have enough space to develop a character. I find this extremely exciting in series work – where does my figure begin, how does it develop?

How difficult was it for you to gain a foothold after participating in "GNTM" and the jungle camp as an actress?

Marolt: I think it's equally difficult for every actor. You start with small roles and work your way up.

Do you feel like you've finally gotten rid of the trash star's stamp?

Marolt: I never had the feeling that I was perceived as a trash star. I am a trained actress and model and have only participated in shows that either had a huge reach or were entertainment formats in which every actor is happy to be a part of it.

Many "storm of love" fans hope for your comeback. Would you be ready to return?

Marolt: I am a person who never never says. However, I currently have some projects that are very demanding and require a lot of time. For a daily series you would also have to be available every day.

Professionally, things could not be going better right now, what is it like privately, is there a new love in your life?

Marolt: There always has to be time for love. That inspires and is good for creativity.

Do you dream of a wedding and children?

Marolt: One day children would be very nice, a wedding is currently not so important to me because I love my independence. Maybe in a few years I will think differently about it.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Marolt: I am a person who lives in the here and now. So far I don't think ahead, it always comes out differently than you think.