(late) measures to help victims during the curfew

This Tuesday, October 27, 2020, Élisabeth Moreno, Minister for Equality between Women and Men, issued a press release to help victims of domestic violence during the curfew.

Yesterday, Tuesday October 27, 2020, Élisabeth Moreno, Minister of Equality between Women and Men, revealed the measures that will be taken during the curfew to help women victims of domestic violence. These measures are announced two weeks after the implementation of the curfew in the regions concerned. A somewhat late implementation when we know that the aggressors do not wait to violate their victims. We take stock of the aids available during this curfew period.

Victims of violence will not need an exemption

Rest assured, there is no need for a certificate to leave after 9 p.m. if you are a victim of violence. In the event of imminent danger, the Minister for Equality between Women and Men explains: "A woman who comes out of her home because she is fleeing danger has no certificate, no checkbox. The police or the gendarmes are trained in this."

Uber provides 2,000 free rides

The government has partnered with the Uber VTC service to make free rides available to victims of domestic violence. The 3919, the emergency number that accompanies them, will make the link. This aid is valid until March 31, 2021. This implementation seems to have left many doubts. many.its Internet users. Indeed, the latter did not hesitate to point out that many women are victims of assaults by Uber drivers: "If not, are you aware that a lot of women don't even dare to take an Uber home at night? You really live on another planet", can we, for example, read.

Emergency numbers for victims of violence

Regarding women who experience domestic violence, support numbers and platforms are also available:

  • National and anonymous listening number: 39 19
  • In case of emergency: call 17 or 112
  • Use 114 by sms
  • Online reporting: go to the platform STOP THE VIOLENCE

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