Lauren Graham: “Gilmore Girls” star has separated from Peter Krause

Lauren Graham
“Gilmore Girls” star has separated from Peter Krause

Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are no longer a couple.

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Lauren Graham and Peter Krause go their separate ways. The two actors were a couple for more than ten years.

After more than ten years together, the actors Lauren Graham (55) and Peter Krause (56) go their separate ways again. The reports the “People” magazine with reference on a spokesperson for the “Gilmore Girls” star. Apparently, the two have not been a couple for a long time. Graham and Krause “quietly ended their relationship last year,” the report said.

The two stars reportedly first met in 1995. However, they didn’t get together until many years later. Between 2010 and 2015, the actors stood in front of the camera together for the series “Parenthood”. It is said that there were sparks between them when they worked together.

Rarely together on the red carpet

Lauren Graham and Peter Krause rarely appeared together in public during their relationship, but they always gushed about each other. In a 2010 Redbook interview, Graham said of their then-new love affair: “No one knew about it for a while because we like to be at home, cook and not go out.” In November 2010, the couple made their first public appearance at a gala in Beverly Hills.

In 2014, Graham declared on Ellen DeGeneres’ (64) show that she was “really happy” with her partner. Two years later, he also had a small appearance as a park ranger in Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival entitled Gilmore Girls: A New Year. Graham reprises her famous role as Lorelai Gilmore. Last year, the actress revealed again to Ellen DeGeneres that she was unable to travel home to Krause during new filming due to the corona restrictions. The interim separation lasted a total of five months. What ultimately led to the actors ending the relationship altogether is unknown.


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