Lawn Mowing Simulator: a DLC with dinosaurs unveiled in video

Lawn Mowing Simulator is already improbable: it is a simulation game asking us to mow the lawns of English gardens. The title of CurveDigital and Skyhook Games has already been entitled to DLCs adding four typical places of the United Kingdom, but the next additional content will take us… to Jurassic Park.

So no, the studios have no partnership with Universaland besides, the creatures here are not alive. the Dino Safari DLC will immerse us in a park with reproductions of dinosaurs like a T-Rex, velociraptors or even less scary herbivores. The goal will always be to mow the lawn of four new areas, Cretaceous Canyon, Herbivore Valley, Raptor Enclosure and T-Rex Paddockwith a dozen new career contracts, objects to find in the mode Career and even six new Success to unlock.

the Dino Safari DLC is already available in Lawn Mowing Simulator, for €4.99, on PC and Xbox Series X|S, but also on Xbox One. As a reminder, the game is included in the computer/Xbox Game Passthe subscription costs €27.99 for three months.

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