LCK: Gen.G team almost complete in the All-LCK First Team

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After a Summer Split almost as historic as T1 in the spring, Gen.G has won the hearts of observers and won the majority of end-of-season prizes.

The Summer Split 2022 all-star squad has been revealed by Korean league organizers. Unsurprisingly given Gen.G’s impressive run for this summer segment, 4 of the roster’s five players end up in the 2022 All-LCK First Team. Even if Chovy’s teammates couldn’t do better than T1 in the previous split, with an all-time record (100% wins, not counting Faker’s individual records), they were the best in this segment, thus beating T1 which is in second place. His toplaner Zeus is also the only non-Gen.G of the composition.

We thus find there Peanut, Chovy, Ruler and Legends. The botlaner does not stop there since he also wins the title of Player of the Split, next to Prince (Liiv Sandbox) with 1200 points collected during the season, barely more than Zeus. Finally, Ruler was also named Summer Split MVP, following the vote of the observers of the season. Gen.G also offers himself a last title with the prize for the best coach for Score.

Finally, the kt Rolster player, VicLais named Rookie of the Split in LCK. To note that Doran, Oner, Faker, Prince and Keria make up the second all-star team, and the third is made up of the players Rascal, Croco, Clozer, Aiming and Kael.

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