Left finds plans “antisocial”: CDU plans discount for early retirement

Left finds plans “anti-social”
CDU is planning a discount in the event of early retirement

The Union’s electoral program has not yet been decided, but initial ideas on the subject of pensions have leaked out. For example, the Union wants to cut the pension of workers who retire before 67. There should be improvements for mini-jobbers, stockholders and higher earners. The Left Party is raging.

According to a report, the CDU is planning a pension reform that provides for higher discounts for early retirement. Those who, on the other hand, work beyond the current retirement age of 67 years should receive more pension, reported the “Bild” from the draft for the election program planned by Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet. Accordingly, there should be relief for caregivers. Low-wage earners should be better off through a company pension.

According to the report, company bosses should also have to offer low-wage earners a company pension. Their contributions are to be paid by the company, employees and the state. People who care for relatives should therefore be able to increase their salaries even after retirement without any problems, the newspaper further reported from the draft program. So far, they had to apply for a partial pension in a complicated way.

The top tax rate should take effect later

When securities are sold after at least ten years, up to 50,000 euros should be tax-free, “Bild” wrote, referring to the draft. At the same time, the income limit for mini jobs should rise from 450 euros to 550 euros per month. In order to be able to provide better private provisions, among other things, the tax-free lump sum for employees is to increase from 1000 to 1250 euros per year. The top tax rate of 42 percent should in future only apply to people with a higher income than before. It is currently valid from a gross income of EUR 57,919 per year.

Sharp criticism of the pension plans came from the Left Party. “Laschet’s pension reform ensures that people in difficult jobs get even fewer pensions,” said party leader Susanne Hennig-Wellsow. “The nurse who has a broken back at the age of 60 and can no longer get higher pension deductions,” she criticized. “The hiring manager who has spent his life at his desk can work longer for more retirement.” That is “not just, but anti-social”.