LEGO announces a huge collaboration! It’s going to be a colossal hit

We expected it, it is now established. LEGO will offer an exceptional collaboration with one of the greatest phenomena in video games. Here’s everything we know so far.

For several years now, LEGO has had collaborations of all kinds. The Swedish giant has released numerous sets featuring notable pop culture licenses. Mario, Sonic, Horizon, Friends, MCU productions, Batman, Harry Potter, the list goes on. However, it happens that the brick builder still manages to surprise. Leaked then teased, LEGO’s next partnership will be very different from the others. And for good reason, the toys from your childhood will be featured in one of the most popular and profitable games of recent years.

LEGO comes to Fortnite

After the teaser, time for the reveal. Epic Games and LEGO will therefore offer players an exceptional collaboration directly in Fortnite. It will take the form of a new free experience in the unbeatable battle royale, which will arrive next week, alongside two other new features for the game. First of all and what interests us: LEGO Fortnite, presented as the adventure ultimate creation and survival game, designed for players of all ages to have fun together. With this first experience, the two groups want to create something that will give pride of place to collaboration, experimentation and obviously creativity.

LEGO Fortnite will arrive in the game from Thursday December 7. This game within the game will offer vast open worlds where the two universes collide. In addition, more than 1,200 outfits present in the game will benefit from a LEGO version in the game. Those you own will be added automatically to your locker, at no additional cost. And for collectors? No physical LEGO Fortnite sets have been announced, for now at least. Given the close collaboration between the two giants, it is not unlikely that the brick manufacturer will ride the success of this new experience which will undoubtedly make a lot of noise.

Two new experiences in Fortnite

After LEGO, Fortnite will deploy another experience of another genre on December 8: Rocket Racing. A supersonic arcade racing game whose list of tracks grows over time. Studio Epic Games obliges, this new game mode is directly developed by experts in the field: Psyonix, to whom we owe the excellent Rocket League. The last experience is offered by Harmonix, the studio behind the iconic Rock Band. Fortnite Festival marks the beginning of the musical era in battle royale. It is presented as an experience where you can play in a group with friends or perform solo on stage reproducing the music of your favorite artists. Singer The Weekend will launch the first season of Fortnite Festival on December 9, 2023.

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