Legrand: Massachusetts Financial Services climbs to more than 10% in the funding round

( — By letter received on April 25 at the AMF, the company incorporated under American law Massachusetts Financial Services Company – controlled by the company Sun Life Financial listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange – acting on behalf of clients and funds it manages, declared that it crossed upwards, on April 19, the thresholds of 10% of the company’s capital and voting rights Great. She holds 26,782,446 Legrand shares representing as many voting rights, ie 10.04% of the company’s capital and voting rights.

This crossing of thresholds results from an acquisition of Legrand shares on the market.

Massachusetts Financial Services Company specifies that the acquisition of Legrand shares falls within the normal scope of its portfolio management activity carried out without the intention of implementing any particular strategy with regard to Legrand or exercising, in this respect , a specific influence on its management. Massachusetts Financial Services Company is not acting in concert with a third party and moreover does not intend to take control of the Legrand company. The company will not request its appointment or the appointment of a representative as director, member of the management board or the supervisory board.


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