Let's Dance: Singer Senna Gammour has a pain in her foot

Let's dance
Singer Senna Gammour has a pain in her foot

"Let's Dance": Ex-Monrose singer Senna Gammour trains and performs with dance professional Robert Beitsch.

© TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

The hard dance training has painful consequences. Shortly before the next live show, Senna Gammour suffers from an overload of the left foot.

Sad news from the training camp of singer Senna Gammour (41) and dance professional Robert Beitsch (29). Her left foot is overloaded with persistent training, as she told RTL in an interview. "It was just too much for my foot," said the former Monrose star. The foot now hurts with every step. "But I have to go through it, I can't change it," she says bravely.

In the first show the two danced a tango, in show two it's the jive's turn. So that everything runs smoothly despite the pain during the performance, Senna Gammour has a plan: "I tape my foot, I rest it a lot now (…) so that I can really give everything during the performance." The viewers will see whether this works on Friday evening from 8:15 p.m. on RTL or TVNow.