Leviia: when French cloud storage challenges GAFAM

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November 30, 2023 at 11:27 a.m.

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Leviia – An alternative to GAFAM, Clubic’s opinion

Looking for a fast, reliable cloud storage solution hosted exclusively in France? Launched in October 2020, Leviia is an excellent alternative to the services offered by GAFAM. We owe it to Arnaud Meauzoone, 27 years old, from an engineering school and specialized in computer engineering, and William Méauzoone, 31 years old, with a commercial background. Their objective ? Offer an effective, secure, but also virtuous tool: by using part of its profits to finance the Reforest’Action association, the company offsets 200% of its carbon emissions.

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Don’t be fooled by the youth of Leviia: this solution has, in fact, nothing to envy of the products offered by the Big Five, Google Drive and OneDrive in the lead. Intelligent synchronization, efficient downloading, hyper-secure data management, anti-ransomware system…. There is plenty to satisfy the most fussy user. It interests you ? We present this service to you now in this article.



  • storage

    From 100 GB of optional space

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    1 TB

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    Servers in Europe


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Leviia, the secure and ultra-fast French cloud

Appreciated by individuals, businesses and administrations alike, Leviia has convinced many users and already enjoys considerable success despite its young age. Known for its secure cloud storage service, this solution does not lack any advantages. Among them: an ecological approach and performance that has nothing to envy of the services offered by the tech giants.

A resolutely anti-GAFAM service

The digital sector is, as we know, largely dominated by Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, companies that need no introduction. These technological behemoths, at the forefront of innovation, have considerable influence around the world. The problem? In exchange for their products and services, GAFAM have established a real monopoly and unfortunately control a large majority of our data.

In favor of a more equitable world, Leviia offers a solution capable of holding its own against the Big Five. Leased to OVH cloud, its highly secure servers do not depend on any internet tycoon and are exclusively located in France.

An ecological approach

Leviia - User interface © Leviia

Leviia – User interface

Cloud storage has grown significantly in recent years. While its users appreciate its ease of use and availability, it is clear that this solution also strongly affects electricity consumption around the world. Data centers are also criticized for their high CO2 emissions.

Committed to the principles of sustainable computing, the creators of Leviia ensure that their activities have as little impact on the environment as possible. The company has also chosen to offset 200% of its emissions by supporting the Reforest’Action association, which fights for bioregeneration. Today, Leviia is one of the few players on the market that is carbon neutral. By joining this committed service, you can do good for the planet while storing your data. A real plus not to be overlooked!

Solid performance and safety guaranteed

In terms of performance, Leviia cloud storage provides its users with excellent servers, based on NVME SSD technology. The advantage? A service that is as fast as it is efficient. With a download speed of one gigabit per second, it is, for example, possible to transfer a high definition movie in just 5.5 seconds. In short: the long minutes spent watching a gauge fill up on your screen are finally over.

Leviia © LeviiaLeviia © Leviia

Leviia – Ultra-fast servers

But that’s not all: available on all kinds of media, this solution has foolproof security. The service, which describes itself as “paranoid”, leaves nothing to chance:

  • Antivirus and anti-ransomware system.

  • Anti-DDOS protection.

  • Siled data.

  • Military grade encryption.

Regarding the storage of photos, working documents, backups, please note that all files are copied and stored on Leviia’s three sites, located in Roubaix, Gravelines and Strasbourg. They are backed up every day at 2 a.m. and permanently accessible. Enough to be greatly reassured!

Leviia photo galleryLeviia photo gallery

Photo storage with Leviia

The cross-platform alternative to Dropbox

Thanks to its well-thought-out features and multi-platform management, the Leviia solution is a direct competitor to the Dropbox storage and sharing service.

Leviia features

Whether for individuals or professionals, Leviia is available on all types of media. It has, in fact, clients for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. There is also a mobile application. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

The tool allows its users to backup and synchronize their data in just a few clicks. An option, called Data Migration, allows you to transfer files from services like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.

The data is then accessible from anywhere and at any time. It is also possible to share files via private or public links, or from one Leviia account to another. Nothing’s easier.

Local backup on a NAS

Users who wish can connect Leviia to a storage device linked to a local network. This functionality can be particularly useful, especially for professionals: they thus have a reliable backup service, regularly synchronized and perfectly secure.

Compatible with the WebDav protocol, Leviia can be linked to:

  • To a Windows or Linux server.

  • To a network storage server (Quad or Synology NAS, for example).

An online office suite

Equipped with a modern and easy-to-use interface, Leviia integrates the OnlyOffice office suite, which includes word processing, spreadsheet management and presentation tools. Just like Dropbox, it allows:

  • Create, modify and move all kinds of documents.

  • To collaborate in real time.

  • Share your files by defining the rights of each user.

This solution can support documents from the Microsoft Office suite.

Leviia: What offer for what use?

Leviia offers NovemberLeviia offers November

Leviia – Offers for individuals

Another strong point of Leviia: the company offers solutions at competitive prices and without commitment. There are two categories of offers, which give access to storage spaces of various sizes, adapted to all needs.


Offers Personal are intended for people who want to store personal files and share them with complete peace of mind. This is an expandable offer that starts with 100 GB of storage space for €25.92 per year (maximum: 1 PB).

Offers Tribe are more interesting for families or small businesses and local players (6 users max). Enjoy 6 TB of storage at €311.04 per year!

Please note that with this annual subscription, it is possible to save up to 10%!


Leviia pro offers November 2023Leviia pro offers November 2023

Leviia – offers for professionals

As their name suggests, Pro offers are adapted to business needs and provide access to a larger storage volume.

We once again find an expandable offer which starts at 1 TB of storage space for €540 per year (minimum number of users: 5). And know that this annual subscription can extend up to 500 TB.

Here too, there is a 10% discount for annual subscriptions.


A tailor-made offer for professionals with a white label cloud in your image (your logo and your colors). This offer allows the administration of accounts, storage and users. Companies are billed based on their consumption.

Please note, Leviia also offers a solution for resellers.



  • storage

    From 100 GB of optional space

  • upload

    1 TB

  • home_pin

    Servers in Europe


A tool made in France, Leviia is revolutionizing the cloud sector with a respectful service committed to the environment. A step towards the planet that does not come at the expense of the performance and security of this efficient solution.

Read the full review Try Leviia now!

Leviia Advantages
  • Intelligent synchronization
  • Read/write performance
  • Collaboration tools
  • Data Privacy
  • Servers located in France
  • Accessing file history
Leviia Disadvantages
  • No free trial offer
  • Desktop applications to improve

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