Lhyfe: an excessive correction?

Photo credit © Arnaud Bivès

(Boursier.com) — In the top positions of the list, Lhyfe rises 4.4% to 3.1 euros on the Parisian market. Bryan Garnier raised his recommendation on the 100% green hydrogen specialist to ‘neutral’ while maintaining his target at 3.9 euros. The broker considers that the market reaction to its sector note published at the start of the week was exaggerated. Operating in a market in the start-up phase with a pace of development governed by regulations and demonstrating pragmatism given the amount of investments required, Lhyfe favors gradual development.

This comes with industrial-scale delays and lower operating leverage, therefore putting revenue guidance for 2026 at risk. However, with the stock trading close to net cash, the correction is considered excessive, especially given the long-term strategic value of Lhyfe’s developments.

Portzamparc underlines that the group has confirmed its business plan and its guidance… The turnover will follow an exponential trend (1 ME in 2023 / 199 ME in 2026 according to the analyst) with France and especially Germany as targeted countries . Enough to remain a purchase on the file, aiming for a price of 7.50 euros.

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