“Life is unfair”, the singer shares very bad news

Already particularly concerned about the health of his mother, singer Françoise Hardy, Thomas Dutronc is faced with a new tragedy which greatly affects him. The multi-talented artist confides in a heartbreaking message posted on social networks.

The year 2023 was particularly trying for Thomas Dutronc, he who must worry about the health of his father Jacques Dutronc after they were forced to prematurely end their joint tour. Also very close to his mother, the singer Françoise Hardy, ill and visibly very weakened according to the latest news that he was kind enough to give, the interpreter of I like more paris is now confronted with a new tragedy which upsets him.

This is what he has just announced in a long message addressed to his community of 154,000 followers, on Instagram. On Thursday March 14, Thomas Dutronc shared some very bad news: the death of a loved onea longtime musician friend who passed away early. I can’t yet realize that Sylvain left like that, without warning, 58 years old…”, he shared on the social network, without revealing the causes of this brutal death. In the process, the 50-year-old singer remembers that they were to meet very soon to play together. “He still had a thousand things to say, a thousand things to play. We were both supposed to do a little concert on June 1st in MarseilleI thought about it very often and I was so looking forward to this reunion”he actually reported, referring to a performance scheduled as part of the first edition of the Miremont Guitares Festival.

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Thomas Dutronc’s poignant tribute to his friend

Thomas Dutronc then remembered their meeting and the moments of joy shared together. “I went to see him play every week when I was 19-20, then for years, I followed his projects, we talked a lot, we played a little sometimes, we listened to music all night, we laughed a lot “, he wrote, before posting his nostalgic message. He speaks of Sylvain Luc as a person “very worthy”someone of “very human” And “very deep”, “with immense sensitivity and inordinate talent”. “Sylvain who leaves like that, too young, without warning, it will take away from all of us a piece of our hearts and our joy of livingas we have appreciated, loved and admired him over the years” he insisted, before concluding: “Life is unfair”.

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This moving testimony touched many admirers. On Instagram, the comments in response to Thomas Dutronc’s publication are also melancholic. “Sincere condolences, courage Thomas”, “Oh but how sad” Or “Rest in peace”, we can read in the middle of a flood of 3,000 messages. Others wanted to pay tribute to Sylvain Luc and his work, even speaking in some way about his legacy. “He left you and other guitar enthusiasts with an unforgettable memory of him” And “one of his best albums” contains a “duet with Biréli Largène”we also want to make it known.

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Thomas Dutronc back in the studio

Despite the pain, Thomas Dutronc should continue promoting his latest album, a live performance captured during his duo tour with Jacques Dutronc, Dutronc & Dutronc (2023), which includes several standards such as Santa’s Daughter, It’s five o’clock, Paris is waking up, I like girls or Cacti. “We really had a blast. The tour took place with a lot of complicity and pleasure shared with him and the musicians. Tenderness, love too, and of course great songs to sing. That’s a bit of all that we feel, I think, when listening to this live”confided the singer during an interview with Corsica Morning at the time of its publication.

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He took advantage of this interview to discuss his new projects, and in particular therecording a new disc original titles this time. “I am in the studio in Paris and soon in Belgium to prepare my next album. Unlike Frenchy which was very jazzy and retro in spirit, I want to return to a more current sound. It will be a more pop production”he said, echoing a record published four years ago.


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