Lisk returns to the crypto stage

In 2017 everyone was talking about Lisk. After a brilliant ICO, however, the start-up sank into oblivion. After a maturation process, it is now returning to the crypto stage.

Anyone who witnessed the ICO hype in 2017 should have remembered the name Lisk (LSK). The open source platform was one of the hottest irons in the crypto oven at the time. The start-up quickly accumulated corporate assets of 200 million euros in 2018 and achieved a market capitalization of one billion euros. But the big goal of building a blockchain platform on which decentralized apps run on sidechains had been waiting for a long time to be completed. After the community had hoped for the sidechains in vain, the great hype gradually subsided and the Berlin project fell silent.


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As BTC-ECHO When founder and CEO Max Kordek paid a visit to the start-up in August of last year, they said they had matured. “Do more, talk less.” This is the new mantra of the team of developers, programmers, designers and marketing experts. And so it was quiet until Lisk had one in early February Development plan who presented as a roadmap how the project should proceed. Since then, the euphoria in the community seems to have rekindled. Since the announcement meanwhile increase by as much as 715 percent. LSK is currently at $ 8.64. Among other things, this was due to the fact that Lisk was now more and more renouncing media abstinence. No later than the middle of March Message when a blockchain event followed, at which one wanted to inform about the current status of the software development kit (SDK), the attention had returned.

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Lisk blockchain event at the end of May

This online event is now scheduled for the end of the month. Then developers should finally learn how they can use the “tool kit”, consisting of various dApps, to program their own blockchain. In addition, the agenda for the two-day event is pretty jam-packed. Various presentations are held on various topics. These include live demos, updates and the annual “hackathon”, which tries to solve technical problems together with the community. The main focus, however, is on the presentation of the “interoperability solution”, between the sidechains and the Lisk mainchain. BTC-ECHO asked for an opinion on the event, but this remained unanswered at the time of going to press.

Because Lisk still relies on the sidechain economy today. Each dApp has its own chain. The sidechains should then be connected to the mainchain and to each other via interblockchain communication. The extent to which the resulting problems can be resolved will be seen between May 21 and 22. Much more important is probably the question of whether Lisk can build on old times in terms of course technology. In any case, the change in corporate philosophy seems to have done the company good.

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