Literature: the 5 favorite books of the week by journalist and writer David Lelait-Helo: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Our favorite, Dolores or the belly of dogs

“I killed another, then another. Each time, the same nausea, the same pleasure”, admits Dolores. Opposite her, in the prison visiting room, is Antoine, a psychiatrist commissioned to assess her. He is a handsome man without showing it, he is an alcoholic and a drug addict. It all started with unemployment… Dolorès, in her forties, accepted the first job that came her way, as a hostess in professional trade shows, “say hello at the stand, bring coffee, glasses of champagne…“There, between two overpriced cars, men who are “touchingly ridiculous” circle around him. His first victim.”was CEO of a very large company and had the round, shiny face of pleasure-seekers for whom the belly is the case for the soul (…) he conceived of the world as an open-air brothel.. An invitation to dinner, a detour to the hotel room, boom, and just after the little death, the big death. She has nothing but her body, they have everything, money, power and self-importance, she takes their lives. SO, Antoine digs into Dolores’ conscience, scratches her hatred to the bone, probes his consciousness, his origins. Dolores, whose grandfather was an anti-Franco hero who arrived from Spain. A junk hero in reality, a pig. Outside the prison, it’s an epidemic, women are killing, Dolores is their idol, a model. She doesn’t claim anything. She has no fight, only screams that shoot out of her body like swords. “I’m not a revolutionary, I’m nothing”, she proclaims. A magnificent novel by Alexandre Civico, each of the two protagonists bearing in their own way the weight of the violence of our world.

© Dolorès or the belly of dogs, Alexandre Civico, Actes Sud, 192p, 19.90 euros

A romantic imposture, The man with a thousand faces

Marianne, Nicole, Carolina, Kasia, Bruna love the same man, each believes they are unique, he has several lives, several homes. He is in turn Ricardo or Alexandre, Argentinian or Brazilian, surgeon, engineer or photojournalist. A crazy but true story, which France Culture documentary filmmaker Sonia Kronlund unravels here. Marianne, the first, discovers the pot of roses, “his vertigo transforms into an abyssal dive, a descent into hell.. In a computer, plane tickets, fake papers, and real ones, SMS, Whatsapp conversations, photomontages. Doesn’t the man send to Brazil, to his dear mother, photos of his dream lives, of his homes, travels, successes and children? Nicole is a psychologist, she sometimes had doubts about her Ricardo, but their stormy passion is so pleasant, after all…”Keep lying, until it’s true” is the motto of this thief of hearts. And the reader, in turn, gets caught up in this breathtaking story.

© The man with a thousand faces, Sonia Kronlund, Grasset, 180p, 18 euros

The prodigious friend, The last night

At 77, this woman wants to die. She campaigned for an end of life with dignity, defended the idea of ​​a chosen death; the time has come to comply, now that his fragility is growing, that his seduction is escaping him. There is no question of euthanasia, only suicide before the mirror gives her a reflection that she never wants to see. A friend promised to be present on the last evening, a certain Thomas Misrachi, a well-known reporter for television channels. Promise kept. In these pages, Thomas describes this evening through the menu, the sustained conversation, the ice-cold vodka, the shared laughter. What follows are long and powerful monologues from a woman who is proud and free at all costs, a diva driven by her anger and whims. Horrifying and charming.

© The last evening, Thomas Misrachi, Grasset, 144p, 16 euros

The fabulous story of Lego, The Lego saga

Every year, between 80 and 90 million children receive a box of Lego, not counting the 10 million adults who buy them for themselves. Lego, a small magical colored plastic brick whose name seems to belong to everyday language. Lego from Danish words leg And godtwhich mean “to play well”, but also from Latin lego meaning “I assemble”. It all began in 1952 in Denmark, in the mind of Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter by trade. Such a toy phenomenon deserved this illustrated book, published all over the world. We discover a whole family, whose inventions have spanned the century, the Lego museum which was created in Denmark and also a number of contemporary artists whose favorite material is the small plastic brick. A book with the sweet scent of childhood…

© The Lego saga, Jens Andersen, translated from Danish by Michel Le Séac’h, Dunod editions, 383 p, 26.90 euros

Story of a simple woman, Odette Froyard in three ways

She was a grandmother remembered for her domestic efficiency, apart from that an almost transparent woman. All it takes is a graffiti bearing the name of a woman killed by her husband for Isabelle Monnin to remember her grandmother, Odette Froyard. She questions the family, exhumes family or administrative archives in search of another life of Odette, of what she could have hidden. What if this invisible woman had given her son the first name of a lost lover? What if she had been someone else? A moving tribute to the millions of beings who have crossed existence without leaving a trace.

© Odette Froyard in three ways, Isabelle Monnin, Gallimard, 272p, 20 euros

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