Livebox 6: Orange makes an appointment on April 6 and lifts a corner of the veil

The time for the Orange Livebox 6 will soon strike. An opportunity for the incumbent operator to catch up (overtake?) the competition, which globally markets boxes much more advanced than its own.

At the very end of 2021, we offered you a summary of the information already known about the future Livebox 6, on the occasion of the start of the first tests in real conditions for Orange. Reserved for subscribers connected to fiber, with a 2.5 Gb/s compatible RJ45 port and a wifi 6 module, this new box should allow Orange to catch up with the competition in terms of performance. Today, we learn that the official presentation of this Livebox 6 will take place on Wednesday April 6th. And to generate interest around its new product, Orange is even showing a small piece of it.

As a reminder, the Livebox 5 is already 2 and a half years old. It had also made few changes to Orange’s internet offers, focusing mainly on its better ecological footprint. An argument which, once again, should be at the heart of the presentation of the Livebox 6. But even without great novelty and despite a technical delay on the competition, this Livebox 5 did not prevent Orange from attracting many new subscribers fiber. 1.5 million customers were recruited by the incumbent operator on this technology last year.

A final word on the (partial) design of the Livebox 6, revealed by Orange. Few things to say except the presence of fabric on both sides, and an aesthetic that promises to be more worked than on the previous boxes of the access provider. Ah yes, by tweaking the image and looking at it very closely, some have seen the presence of a “moon” button, evoking a potential “night mode”. What limit the energy consumption of the box to the maximum on certain time slots? To get to the bottom of it, see you next week.

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