Living trend 2021: New interior look creates summer feelings in autumn

The soft light. The warm rays of the sun on your skin. The sound of the sea in the background. Or the light breeze that gets caught in the trees. Holidays have many faces. Above all, it conveys a feeling of wellbeing, letting go, pausing.

As soon as we throw the heavy sweaters over the deck, summer fills us on its most beautiful days with a lightness that we have long forgotten in everyday life. We let ourselves drift, explore new places and alleys, sharpen our senses, which we let fall asleep at home for days, weeks, months. Suddenly we feel awake, alert, alive. Then comes autumn. And with him everyday life catches up with us as if by magic.

How do we manage to keep a little of the warm and cozy summer atmosphere? By letting them move into our home. This is where the new autumn home trend plays into our cards.

Terracotta was announced as one of the most important trends in 2021 at the beginning of the year and tada – the prediction has come true. In the new collections we can marvel at the natural materials and colors everywhere.

If you want to integrate the terracotta trend, you can do that very easily. Because depending on taste, budget and effort, the feeling of living can be realized either very discreetly with accessories or with an all-round approach from tiles to wall paint.

A living trend to feel good

If you want a lot, you get a lot: Terracotta can be integrated as a wall color in a wide variety of living styles. Because the tone is incredibly variable and can be wonderfully individualized in its different nuances (more pink? Or strong brown?).

The same applies to the flooring: Anyone who only knows terracotta tiles from the country kitchen of the 2000s can quickly brush over this memory. Today we combine the Mediterranean tiles with modern furniture and materials. Clear lines, pastel tones and graphic elements add a hip note.

Speaking of materials: Incidentally, the terracotta style harmonizes wonderfully with the natural living trend. After all, the source of the look is still in the classic cachepots, in which green plants nestle, grow and thrive in them. Natural colors and materials such as wood and rattan create a balanced living environment.

As you can see: There are many ways to integrate the terracotta living trend into your four walls. No matter in which room – it radiates warmth and offers our eyes a range of soft natural tones in which we can pause, feel good, let go. Just like on vacation.