Living trend 2023: In 2023 we will be getting these 5 patterns on the wall

Living trend 2023
5 unusual patterns that we’ll be putting on our walls next year

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It’s time for a change of scenery with the new living trend! The end of the year is getting closer and we are starting to think about New Year’s resolutions. Exactly the right occasion to plan a change in your own home.

For a change, EVERYTHING does not always have to be redesigned! With the wallpaper as a tool you give your rooms a whole new mood. Just a pattern on the wall can make your existing interior look more interesting.

Here are 5 living trend ideas for your walls that should not be missing in 2023

Soft color gradients

Ombré is a good choice if you just want to add a touch of color to your space and most patterns are just too wild for you. The delicate transition looks very flattering and interesting at the same time. Your bedroom could become even more harmonious and cosy. It is best to choose delicate pastel tones for the ombré look. You can also pick up the wall color in textiles such as pillowcases or curtains.

Botanical Pattern

For nature lovers, such a wallpaper is excellent. Large green leaves and exotic plants on the wall bring holiday flair to your home. Your bathroom or smaller rooms in general are wonderfully suited to be transformed into a jungle. The wallpaper with the botanical pattern can also only be papered halfway, and then paint the rest of the wall monotonously – a rich dark green is well suited for this.

Crazy Patterns

You think bright colors and large-scale patterns are great? Then dare to decorate a straight wall with it. Geometric shapes such as triangles and rectangles are particularly popular. Such a wallpaper is a real eye-catcher and very exciting, especially in the living room where you receive your guests, it has an expressive effect. So that you still get calm and structure in the room, you should rely on pieces of furniture in simple natural tones and organic silhouettes – such as a sofa in cream with rounded armrests or a round coffee table.

A unique work of art

Are recurring patterns and structures too boring for you? Do you have something very special in mind for your wall? Then this trend will be just right for you: Panorama pictures or drawn landscapes show a unique scenery that can be viewed like a painting. Here you are free to choose which of your rooms should have a very individual touch. Because large or small areas are equally suitable for this unusual trend.

Magnificent ceiling

If you don’t have a wall free, then the ceiling has to do the job. Floral patterns sweeten the view of the ceiling and are an unusual eye-catcher. The bedroom feels even more cozy with the flowery view that you can see from the bed. It becomes particularly harmonious if you pick up the color of the flowers with the curtains.

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