Loana disgusts internet users with a video, “tired” she responds to “despicable comments”

The smallest acts and gestures of loana Petrucciani are scrutinized. Regularly, the winner of season 1 of loft story is being criticized for her Instagram posts. But enough is enough and she made it known on June 28, 2022.

When she is not posing alone, Loana reveals herself with her dog Titi. A being who is very dear to him. It is therefore better not to attack him, at the risk of frankly annoying him. Last Sunday, Mindy’s mom shared a short video of her pet licking her face. And very quickly, Internet users expressed their disgust. “I think I would always be so disgusted when I see a person get his face licked by a dog, knowing what he’s doing with his tongue, it will make me vomit”, “I’m going to vomit”, “Loana je t’ appreciate it but then I find it very dirty“, we were able to read in particular.

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