Logitech Pro X TKL TEST: a very good compact gaming keyboard, but that’s it

A few days ago, Logitech unveiled new peripherals for gamers, namely the mouse Pro X Superlight 2 and the keyboard Pro X TKL. Products designed in collaboration with professional players, and therefore designed for e-sport, but also intended for hardcore players around the world.

A keyboard for gamers, it does it well, but it only does that.

THE Pro X TKL is therefore a real keyboard for gamersIn the format Tenkeyless, that is to say amputated of its numeric keypad. So here we have a small format model, measuring 35 cm wide and 15 cm deep, without wrist rest, which is still a bit of a shame, even if it obviously makes transport easier. Moreover, a hard cover is included in the box. Despite this format TKL, Logitech still managed to integrate multimedia buttons as well as a wheel to adjust the volume on the flya real plus.

The model is wireless, with a dongle and a 180 cm USB cable for charging. But, with between 50 and 120 hours of autonomy depending on the lighting effects, the keyboard is most often used wireless, which lightens the office but does not change much in use. And although it is mainly sold as a keyboard Lightspeed (the 2.4 GHz technology of Logitechthe keyboard can also be used via Bluetooth, the latency is a bit higher for competitive games, but for everyday use, it is enough and makes the model rather versatile.

Logitech Pro X TKL REVIEW (3)On the finishing side, Logitech opted for a matte black plastic chassis (the keyboard also exists in white or pink), with an aluminum plate partially visible via a thin border, Of the nicest effect. It’s sober and discreet, at least when the keyboard is off, but the typing is well thought out for the gamingwith first keys in PBT double layer, pleasant to the touch and more durable. Unfortunately, no PBT on the multimedia keys, settings and wheel, it’s simple plastic which denotes the whole, with even a slight play in the horizontal axis of the wheel. Details, certainly, but the Pro X TKL wants to be high-end.

Although the keys are pleasant to the touch, typing still requires some time to adapt, due to the high profile switches and an inclination of 4 or 8°. In the absence of a wrist rest, the user’s fingers and wrist are twisted, this takes a few hours of gamingbut much less over a long full day. The model tested here includes GX Brown switches touchscreens designed by Logitech, it’s not that noisy and typing remains nice and fluid, with a good bounce, the keys don’t require too much force and distance to activate. In AZERTYonly the model Touch is available, but QWERTY, Logitech also offers versions Clicky Or Linear.

THE Pro X TKL is obviously compatible with G Hubthe software Logitechwhich allows you to assign commands to function keys (Fn), create macros, configure Game mode, which disables certain shortcuts and commands when active, and change the backlight LightSync RGB with a bunch of lighting effects. No big revolutions here, but at least, G Hub is quite complete and above all easy to use.

Logitech Pro X TKL REVIEW (1)

The Pro X TKL keyboard Logitech is a keyboard for gamers, it does it well, but it only does that. Typing is pleasant, fast and responsive, the keyboard is compact and can connect with a dongle, Bluetooth or wired, and the multimedia buttons are nice. Unfortunately, the latter do not benefit from the same quality of finish as the rest, and the absence of a wrist rest, even removable, makes use a little painful after long hours. A keyboard only for sessions gamingfor an evening for example, or as an extra to transport it over LAN, but that’s all.

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  • Good quality of finish…
  • Pleasant-to-touch PBT keys
  • The rigid carrying case, practical for LANs
  • The presence of multimedia keys
  • Three different connection modes

The lessers

  • …except for the multimedia keys
  • Quite painful after several hours
  • Only for the game, TKL format required

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