LoL: An artist recreates the meme of eyeliner with a knife with Evelynn

The League of Legends community can be considered experts on private jokes, because there are things that only players of Riot Games’ MOBA could understand, like the famous meme of Riot employees with 200 years of experience in creating new characters. Yet there are also common internet memes that, when associated with League of Legends, take on new meanings for gamers, such as this image of Evelynn K/DA All Out applying her eyeliner using eyeliner. ‘a knife.

For a sharp look

With over 6,000 likes and 1,000 retweets, the artist’s illustration Lisa went viral on Twitter. The drawing shows the K/DA All Out version of Evelynn, who looks very calm as she traces her eyes with a small knife.

Riot has always wanted to present the K-Pop group K/DA, which also includes Ahri, Akali and Kai’Sa, as if they were part of the real world. In this way, it is not impossible to imagine other tributes in the future, for example, Evelynn teaching how to do this eyeliner in a video on Instagram or TikTok, in a real makeup tutorial. Remember that in this example a knife comes close to one eye, which can be dangerous (yes, yes, I swear. Fire burns too.), so if you want to do it again and you don’t have no/little experience in this area, ask someone experienced in your area for help.

K/DA quesecé?

Released by Riot in 2018, around the time of Worlds, K/DA released the single Pop/Stars, which wowed the community before and especially after the band members were brought to life through augmented reality. .

In 2019, Riot expanded its musical universe by stating that Akali was also part of another group: True Damage, which brought fans the sound of rap and hip hop through songs that also featured champions Ekko, Senna, Yasuo and Qiyana (or Becky G).

In 2020, still during the worlds, K / DA stands out once again with the release of the EP ALL OUT, which brings together more songs than the group’s release, in a five-track mini-album: THE BADDEST, MORE , I’LL SHOW YOU, DRUM GO DUM and VILLAINS. Additionally, Riot took advantage of the group’s return to add a cameo from Séraphine, a champion who had come out during this same time frame. Even though it’s been over a year since the band released any new songs, they’re still firmly in the fan’s imagination. K/DA doesn’t just stop at League of Legends, and maps based on the band’s universe and their music have been added to Legends of Runeterra. The Feel The Rush card (in homage to Pop/Stars) even created a viable archetype, to the point that players today talk about FTR decks.


The community has been waiting for long weeks for Team Vitality to officially decide on its LEC roster. It had been a while since the information had leaked, but we now have the heart net. Bees will have several new to League of Legends this summer.

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