LoL: G2 Esports’ winning streak in history

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Undefeated for 24 consecutive games, G2 Esports fell to PSG Talon at MSI. Despite this defeat, the structure can take comfort in having made history.

Before his defeat against PSG Talon during the Mid-Season Invitational this Sunday, G2 Esports was on a 24-game winning streak in official matches. Indeed, the structure had not lost since Round 1 of the Winner’s Bracket against fnatic. After being returned to the Lower Bracket, G2 have not lost a single encounter in the LEC allowing him to win a ninth European title and to continue 12 consecutive wins. During the MSI, Raphael “Targamas” Crabbe and his teammates chained 12 more wins before falling to PSG Talon.

Yes this series of 24 victories seems anecdotal, it turns out that it doesn’t happen that often and that’s why this series of G2 goes down in history. First of all, it is about longest winning streak for a European team, surpassing Fnatic’s legendary streak during the 2015 Summer Split. The structure had then finished the regular season in 18-0, which was never done again in Europe, before dominating their LCS semi-final at the time. She had fallen for the first time in front of Origin in the final of the competition.

G2 Esports’ record doesn’t end here as it’s also about 2nd best winning streak by a major region team in competition on League of Legends, tied with the PSG Talon. At the top of this ranking, we find Flash Wolves with 28 straight wins between January and April 2017. Even though the region did not have fierce competition, the performance of Flash Wolves remains admirable. To note that the series of T1 has not been counted since the structure lost parts even if it won the B03 or BO5.

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