LoL: These easter eggs hidden in the shop

While many League of Legends champion memes have come down through the ages, those concerning objects remained more discreet. Riot Games has still included several in the in-game store (the one where you buy items, not the one where you spend RP). The most famous of these is of course Phreak’s famous tones of damage. If you type these terms in the store, then the game will offer you to buy the Trinity Force.

This meme draws these origins from the first champions, which the Rioter could test before anyone else. With each new character release, the Rioter specified that he played it with the Trinity, and thathe was doing tons of damage (including on champions on which the object was null). We offer you an overview of those who have marked us the most.

Those who disappeared

Boots have often been considered the most magical item in the game by the community. Indeed many champions who simply could not wear them according to their design (Nocturne and Vel’Koz who have no feet for example). The most frequently cited fighters were Cassiopeia (before her passive rework) and Nami for obvious reasons. The community ironically wondered where these two characters could put them. Riot Games answered it ironically, by adding an easter egg that only appeared when you played one of the two champions. Taper Hat (hat) in the shop, referred you directly to the boots, thus making it clear that they put them on the head. This easter egg disappeared during the redesign of the shop.

Nami witch with a hat that’s not a boot? Heresy!!!

Others were referring to Kobe, one of the most popular casters across the Atlantic. So to find the Guardian’s Horn in the Howling Abyss (ARAM) you could type Golden Arm of Kobe or Golden Bicep of Kobe. However, not all of them necessarily had a humorous purpose. Some had even been designed to help players. When revamping the colossi, if you type the term juggernaut in the shop, the game offered you several items that were supposed to work with this archetype. Among them, we can cite: the Dead Man’s Plate, the Titanic Hydra, and the Gage of Sterakk.

Easter eggs always present

Don't touch my hat!  - League of Legends
Don’t touch my hat!

There is an easter egg on the most famous hat in the game: the Rabadon. Originally its name was the headdress of Banksys, in homage to the pseudonym of an employee. Finally this name was not kept, probably to avoid any confusion or assimilation with the artist Banksy, but if you type this term in the shop, then the game will offer you to buy Rabadon’s headdress.

If you type Jimmy Neutron, then the seller will offer you to buy Brilliance. Here the ref is only for English speakers, the English name of the object being Sheen. This is a reference to the second spin off of the animated series Jimmy Neutron: Planet Sheen.

Some items also directly reference champions. If you enter Yuumi’s name, the game offers you the Moonstone Regenerator. If it’s Nami’s, then the Tide Staff will appear. The Rift Maker will appear as Vel’Koz, and the Dead Man’s Plate as Gangplank.

Master Yi is getting some big improvements in the next League of Legends patch, and Riot Games is already testing some changes on the PBE.

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