Lou Pernaut influencer: she reveals her very nice income from social networks

Lou Pernaut revealed the level of income she generates via social networks on the set of Chez Jordan, on C8. The daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut confided without taboo.

On Instagram, Lou Pernaut is followed by 209,000 Internet users. The daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut was invited on the set of At Jordan’s on C8. The opportunity to talk about his family, his current life and his daily life as an influencer. The 20-year-old opened up about the level of income her influencer activities generate. So, it can receive up to “3500 euros per month”. An amount that allows him to carry out his dreams and projects. Projects for which she can count on the support of her loved ones. “For a year’s birthday and Christmas, combined with my brother, we received a car without a licenseshe revealed about her brother Tom Pernaut19 years old.

His secrets about Julia and Olivier

In the same interview, Lou Pernaut had confided not to have a close relationship with his half-sister. Julia Pernaut is from the first marriage with Dominique Bonnet. The latter, born in 1978, is a gynecologist and mother of two children named Iris And Elea. “We had two houses and Olivier lived with us before having his first baby, she added. But I never lived with her, so I know her much less. Afterwards, she is very very nice. His daughters I adore, they are almost my age. I think she wants to make her own way a bit. Like her mom. They don’t want to be in the spotlight, it’s their choice. And so much the better it’s seriously cool because she has seriously succeeded in her field.

However, she showered her half-brother, Olivier, with praise. “I love it, he is too nice. He had the same upbringing as Tom and me. He’s a super simple guy. It was serious there for my little brother and me when my father died.” A year after the death of his father Jean-Pierre Pernautthe young girl remains close to her clan.

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