“Love is in the meadow”: Julien without filter with his mother-in-law, his saucy confidences about Thibault (spoilers): Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Some people are direct… very direct even. And it seems that this is the case of Julien, candidate for this new season of Love is in the meadow. Since the start of the broadcast of the last part of the program played by Karine Le Marchand on M6, this heart to take has never been one of those who mince their words. In a future episode of the show broadcast Monday November 6, 2023 – excerpts of which are already available on the 6Play Max platform, which Purepeople was able to see in advancethe farmer once again demonstrates his implacable frankness in front of his mother-in-law, who is none other than Thibault’s mother, the suitor for whom the 42-year-old farmer fell in love at first sight. Far from being embarrassed by the start of a little intimate confession, he asks her: “Can we talk dirty in front of step-mom?”following which, he goes on to explain precisely what effect his son had on him on the first day. “At speed dating, I chat with him, he looked me in the eyes, I went half limp”, he blurted. Furthermore, the images do not yet allow us to know how the person concerned reacted, nor his mother.

Julien: “It’s not up to my boyfriend to put up with my job”

During this episode, the roles are reversed and it is the turn of the cow breeder to enter the world of his suitor, a guarantee of a new step towards a serious relationship. Remember, in the previous episode, viewers saw the story between Julien and Thibault blossom in a more uninhibited way following Bastien’s departure. There too, the farmer had not given in the lace as for the departure of the rejected person, telling him cash: “I have the impression that you prefer to say ‘I have no feeling and I’m leaving with my head held high’, rather than understanding and accepting the fact that you are not at the top of the class. That m ‘annoyed, I can’t get it. I’m glad you’re going“. Since then, he had free rein to indulge in his relationship with Thibault, with whom he already seems to be planning. “If the farm is too time-consuming, there is the possibility of hiring a worker to free up time. I know it’s not up to my boyfriend to put up with my job.”, he had said to his suitor. Idyll to follow.

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