Love to Celtic Glasgow: Rod Stewarts honors football club with new tattoo

Love token to Celtic Glasgow
Rod Stewarts honors football club with new tattoo

The Celtic chain always has Rod Stewart with him.

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Sir Rod Stewart is a fervent supporter of Celtic Glasgow football team. From now on, he will always carry his latest token of love close at hand.

The star is always happy to prove that world star Sir Rod Stewart (78) has been a fervent football fan since childhood. After all, as a teenager he once wanted to be a professional soccer player himself, but ultimately found that his talent was better off in the recording studio than on the pitch. To this day, this has not affected his love for the Scottish club Celtic Glasgow, as the star is doing now shows on his official Instagram account: His left shoulder now has a large tattoo in honor of the club.

Stewart got the Celtic crest in an unusual place, as he reveals in the caption to the post: “I’m getting a ‘Glasgow Celtic’ tattoo in Auckland to celebrate my beloved team. ‘You’re in My Heart ‘” he also quoted one of his world hits. Appropriately, he wore an eye-catching chain for the occasion, which shows a cloverleaf next to the word “Celtic”.

Why Celtic – and why New Zealand?

Two questions arise: Why is the London native a fan of the Scottish club? And why did he get the tattoo in New Zealand? Stewart’s passion for football stems from his father, Robert. As Scottish immigrants, the musician’s parents came to the English capital, where Stewart finally saw the light of day in 1945. Stewart became aware of the Glasgow club in his mid-20s through his father’s loyalty to the Scottish national team – since then he has been cheering on the team unconditionally for almost 50 years.

The fact that he got his token of love stung in New Zealand is related to his current “The Hits” world tour. There the finale of his stay in Australasia took place, next he will go to Mexico, Canada and the USA, among other places. At his concert in New Zealand he even performed together with some background singers in the club’s team colors and jerseys. He did so to celebrate the 3-2 derby win over Glasgow Rangers, he revealed in an Instagram story.


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