Make pin board yourself: ideas and tips

Do you always have all your notes flying around? We have a great solution: a self-made memo board! Making a pin board yourself is not difficult at all – we will show you beautiful ideas that are quickly tinkered with.

Make pin board yourself: ideas for your home

A pin board is a practical helper – and a nice wall decoration, at least if you follow one of these nice ideas here! And the best thing is: you don't even need a lot of materials.

Make pin board yourself with wood

A wooden pin board looks great in almost every apartment. You can get the wood for this in any hardware store. You will then need another one for your self-made wooden pin board Drill, nails and a string. It's that fast:

  1. In the two upper corners you drill two holes with which you can hang up the pin board later.
  2. Now you hammer the nails once around the wooden board at regular intervals.
  3. Now you stretch the cord all over the nails, then you knot it to a nail.
  4. You can now hang the pin board on the wall. Wooden bulletin board

If you don't like the wood look, you can spice up the pin board with textiles. To do this, glue volume fleece to the piece of wood and then cover it with the desired fabric. Now you can already use the board or pull bias tape or string (crosswise) over the pin board. So you can also attach photos and other things without pins.

Make pin board yourself with cork

You can cut cork to size as you like, which makes it the perfect material for your pin board! Whether as a circle, colorful, as a fox or whatever – you can make anything out of it! Tip: Only untreated cork can be painted! It is best to use emulsion paint for this.

Make pin board yourself with a frame

Frames can be wonderfully converted into a pin board, but you can grab the string again and pull it in the frame, even round wooden hoops are good frame generators for a memo board. The pin board becomes a little more extraordinary Wire mesh! Lace is also a beautiful eye-catcher for your home:

Make pin board yourself with magnetic paint

You get a very simple memo board with magnetic paint! You apply the paint to the clean, dry wall and let it dry. Then you can attach photos, brochures, tickets and much more with magnets!

Make your own pin board: more ideas and styles

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