Making angels: Nice ideas and instructions for the Advent season

make angels
The most beautiful ideas and instructions

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Alone or with children: making angels is a great craft project during the Christmas season. We have collected the most beautiful ideas and instructions.

Making angels: Materials for your craft project

There are numerous ways to make angels. What you usually need are scissors and glue. Otherwise you can let off steam with the materials. Here are a few ideas to help you shape your DIY project:

  • paper
  • wooden ball or wooden bead
  • wooden clothespin
  • pinecone
  • (Gingko) leaves
  • cork
  • Cloth Ribbons
  • Colours
  • Craft wire for the halo
  • printed fabrics
  • felt

Making angels: Instructions and crafting ideas

Christmas angel made from ginkgo leaves

The Christmas angels with ginkgo leaves look classy, ​​but are very easy to make yourself. Important is, that the leaves have dried. Other leaves are also suitable, you can cut the shape as you like. You also need:

  • wooden bead
  • line
  • Healing wool for the wings
  • gold color
  • pencils

Tip: Paint the leaves first and let them dry completely. And before you start gluing, don’t forget to thread the cord through the bead.

Lollipop Angel

The lollipop angels are also great fun for children to make (pssst: make sure they don’t eat the lollies beforehand). You need for this decoration:

  • craft wire
  • White tissue paper
  • lollipops
  • Gold masking tape for the stems

You simply draw the face of the angel yourself on a piece of paper. Cut his hands off too. You can glue all parts onto the paper.

Making angels: These ideas will brighten up your Christmas

If you like experimenting with materials, give it a try Concrete Christmas angel. through the white feathers as angel wings, the pearls and the gold wire as a halo despite the gray material, they appear soft and contemplative.

Tip: Pour the concrete into empty, washed-out yoghurt pots.

Easy to make and yet magical! You only need one Wooden clothespin, a small wooden ball and (printed) paper.

After a wine-filled evening with friends cork left over? Do not throw away, rather make angels!

Sewing angels is very versatile: make a small pillow or a pendant out of it. They also look chic as decoration for setting up!

The highlight of this variant: There is a small compartment at the front that can hold small gifts or a nice greeting!

Also a great gift idea: a DIY angel as a guardian angel – even if the Christmas season is long gone!

Want more Christmas crafts? How about making a Fröbel star or making an Advent wreath yourself? Or you can conjure up decorative Christmas decorations from the salt dough recipe to make yourself. This is how Christmas can come!


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