“Malcolm in the Middle”: Bryan Cranston would star in film

“Malcolm in the Middle”
Bryan Cranston would act in film

Frankie Muniz (left) and Bryan Cranston in “Malcolm in the Middle”.

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Bryan Cranston reveals there have been talks of a movie based on the cult sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. He would be there.

Apparently, the chances that a film based on “Malcolm in the Middle” will be released at some point are not that bad. This is indicated by “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston (66), who played family man Hal in the cult sitcom, in a new interview.

According to him, there have been talks about a possible reunion film for “Malcolm in the Middle”, as he reveals to E! News. “We had such a great family there and I would certainly be up for it if there was a good idea,” says Cranston. For example, he would like to explore how the sitcom family is doing 20 years later.

The popular series ran in the early 2000s. She told the story of a very crazy and somehow normal family consisting of father Hal, mother Lois (Jane Kaczmarek, 67) and their children. The focus was often primarily on the adventures and pranks of the main character Malcolm, played by Frankie Muniz (37), and his brothers Reese (Justin Berfield, 36), Dewey (Erik Per Sullivan, 31) and Francis (Christopher Masterson, 42) .

From the film set to the racing car

Whether there will really ever be a film is not yet certain. In addition, fans would certainly insist that, in addition to Cranston, the other actors from back then are also back. However, Muniz is now trying his luck as a professional racing driver. “I’m finally making my dream a reality”, he recently announced on Twitter. He will therefore compete in the ARCA National Series Championship next season as a “full-time driver”.


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