Malia + Sasha Obama: Wild night out with Drake in LA

Malia + Sasha Obama
So fast, so mature! They party with Drake in Hollywood

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Former US President Barack Obama’s two daughters were spotted leaving a celebrity party in Los Angeles. Malia and Sasha have not only grown up in the meantime, but seem to have really arrived in the Hollywood environment.

During the presidency of Barack Obama, 62, it wasn’t just his wife Michelle, 59, who was the first lady in the public eye with him: the world’s population was able to watch their daughters Sasha, 22, and Malia, 25, grow up. As of January 2017, Obama is no longer President of the United States – and appearances by his two daughters have become rarer. But now Sasha and Malia have been photographed in Los Angeles.

Malia and Sasha Obama: Turbulent party night in LA! You feel really comfortable in Hollywood

Photos obtained by the Daily Mail show the two ex-president’s daughters leaving Bird Streets Club in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Malia and Sasha was there at a party thrown by rapper Drake, 36. The two young women partied with the other star guests until the early hours and left the club around four in the morning. On the way to the car, they were accompanied by their friends.

Sasha, 22, wears a black crop top and gray low-waisted cargo pants. She combines it with a pink handbag and statement rings. Her older sister Malia opted for a lace-up top with a scoop neckline and fitted pants, both floral prints.

Drake threw the party after his sold-out show with British rapper 21 Savage, 30. The rapper himself shared a photo of the wild night of partying on Instagram on Aug. 23. The shaky snapshot suggests that the rapper is a good host.

Barack Obama reveals his daughters are big fans of Drake – just like he is of them

The Bird Streets Club is a well-known celebrity hotspot – and Sasha and Malia have long been fans of host Drake. Papa Barack revealed this himself after the rapper raved about the then US President in an interview in 2010. “Drake has the stamp of approval in my household,” Obama said.

As several media report in unison, Sasha and Malia Drake have been sympathetic for years. In 2017, Drake reportedly shared a photo of Sasha Obama on his Instagram story. In the picture, the then teenager wore a hat that the rapper designed himself. Drake jokingly referred to Sasha as a “style popper” at the time.

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