Mallorca is already half booked for 2021 – after a nightmare summer

2020 was a summer that Mallorca and its hoteliers, restaurant and bar owners will probably not forget: Due to the corona pandemic, the main season on the Balearic island more or less completely fell through. Temporary test vacationers didn't change anything about that. In the meantime, tightened measures are in place on Mallorca to prevent the coronavirus from spreading again.

Many regions of Spain had recently decided new restrictions due to the increase in new infections. On the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, which is particularly popular with German tourists, the urban beaches and parks have been closed since Friday between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. For two weeks, pubs, cafes and restaurants are mostly only allowed to receive half the usual number of guests.

The 2020 tourism season is over. For many Mallorcans who are dependent on tourism and vacationers, this summer was a nightmare.

50 percent of the fincas in Mallorca are fully booked

But 2021 could – if the corona pandemic largely disappear – be a ray of hope for Mallorca. Because many people are already booking holidays on the popular Mediterranean island – in holiday homes. According to the market leader of finca brokers on Mallorca “”, 50 percent of the 1500 or so holiday homes that the website has on offer are already booked up for July 2021. The company announced this in a message that is available to FOCUS Online. The drastic effects of the renewed Corona travel warning for Spain would have led to an enormous increase in bookings in the past two weeks.

Mallorca bookings for the whole year

In the next few months, more and more fincas on Mallorca could be fully booked for 2021. Fincas' online broker "" already sees bottlenecks coming. The run on fincas could also have something to do with the corona pandemic. This is a better way to avoid crowds of tourists in your own small finca than in large hotels.

"Also for the whole of 2021 we have a very high pre-booking rate", the finca broker continues. For comparison: in 2019 every finca at "" was occupied 90 nights a year. For 2021, each holiday home has already been booked for 35 nights.

Shortages in holiday homes expected

“At the beginning of winter, bottlenecks are already predictable today. In our estimation, the traditional booking season, which starts on December 25th, will be very tight, ”said the company.

The online broker recommends all Mallorca fans to start planning their vacation 2021 as early as possible – especially those who want to rent a certain house or are tied to the school holidays have a wide choice. Those who are flexible in terms of travel period and finca are of course less affected.

So if it's not too risky to book a finca on Mallorca for the summer season 2021 now, you should stick to it. "" assumes that the number of available accommodations on the Germans' favorite holiday island will continue to decrease by winter.

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