Manuel Cortez: “Slipped past” the intensive care unit

Manuel Cortez
After his corona illness: first words from the hospital

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It was close to Manuel Cortez: The actor gives an update from the hospital after his Covid 19 illness.

The actor Manuel Cortez, 42, has been in hospital for almost two weeks. He was infected with the corona virus and was then seriously ill with Covid-19. Now the former “In love with Berlin” actor gives his fans an update from the hospital via Instagram and explains how close it was for him. He is now the twelfth day in the clinic and is now finally on the mend, says Cortez, who is still ventilated through the nose. In the video you can see how upset the actor is still from his illness.

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Manuel Cortez: “There were two nights when it was really dangerous”

He just “just slipped past the intensive care unit,” said the actor. He had previously been admitted with severe pneumonia and said his lungs had “collapsed in several places”. It was not clear whether he would make it: “There were two nights when it was really dangerous.” He would also have suffered from panic attacks at night. But he was now over the mountain, allowed to move, get up and even take a shower. His lungs would have improved a lot.