Marathonisi: The Greek Turtle Paradise |

The Greek turtle paradise

Marathonisi is a must for turtle fans.

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Sea turtles are not only at home in the South Seas, they can also be found in the Mediterranean – especially on a Greek island.

Greece is at the top of the wish list for many Germans when it comes to summer holidays. The many islands, turquoise sea and delicious food attract millions every year. But the European country also has a lot to offer when it comes to nature. What many do not know: An island is a real turtle paradise.

An island in the shape of a turtle

Marathonisi is located in the Ionian Sea, around two kilometers off the island of Zakynthos. No people live on the small island, but some animal species have spread. Sea turtles lay their eggs on Marathonisi during the summer months. The island’s main beach juts out into the sea like a tongue – perfect conditions for the cute animals. Several caves can be found on the rocky other side of Marathonisi.

The island also has a special shape. The island in Laganas Bay is appropriately shaped like a turtle. Because of this and because it is a hatchery, it is also known as Turtle Island.

Important information

Marathonisi is a nature reserve, but boat tours from Zakynthos to the island are offered. Visitors should exercise caution, however, as the loggerhead sea turtle is an endangered species and should not be disturbed. Tourists can already keep their eyes open during the crossing and maybe spot an animal in the water. The island can be explored, but there are marked places where eggs are buried – entry is forbidden.

The spot on earth has largely retained its original charm – the lush vegetation consists of pine, olive and oak forests. There are no toilets or shops on the island itself, so you should stock up on enough food and drink. In addition to the main sandy beach, there is another pebble beach that is also open to tourists. The many bays and caves tempt you to explore and snorkel.


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