March Horoscope: 3 Zodiac Signs Are Confronting Their Past This Month

Curse and blessing
These zodiac signs will be confronted with their past in March

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We can leave it behind us, but still not escape it: You can read here which zodiac signs will be caught up in their past this month.

We know very well that we have a history and a past. When we are particularly alert and fit, we also realize that the same applies to those around us. But we rarely realize how present our past is in every moment of our lives. And we rarely think about the fact that our past includes not only our own history, but also countless stories that happened right before we were born.

Our lives are the result of a multitude of improbable events that began before our existence was even thought of. They may not have shaped us directly, but they have created the conditions under which we live, the circumstances to which we respond, and the means at our disposal to do so. We can never step out of this chain of events, neither during our life nor afterward.

When we are born, our immediate history, which we experience ourselves, begins. And not for a moment will it ever disappear as long as we breathe. Every impression we collect, every decision we make, every feeling we feel leaves a mark on us and our memory. They may fade and may never become relevant to us again. But they can also suddenly reappear at any time and show us that something that we might have assumed is far from complete.

Following According to the horoscope, the cosmos sends a greeting message from the past in March.

Horoscope: 3 zodiac signs who will be confronted with their past in March


In March, Taurus notices more clearly than ever before a wound and vulnerability within themselves that they have often noticed but have never been able to clearly identify. Now could be the moment when you can do that. Maybe your pain is inherited and you have the task of understanding it and thereby alleviating it for yourself and other people. Maybe you experienced it yourself and just didn’t classify it accordingly at that moment. If you open up about the past this month, you can definitely heal and move forward stronger.


This month, Leo’s past is pushing them to finally take a step that they haven’t had the courage to take for a long time. It can be a sense of achievement that reminds you of your strength and past victories. It may be a feeling of regret over something you missed in your past. If you trust the cosmos, which wants to let you derive a connection to your current situation from your memory, you can draw strength and motivation from it – and create a memory that will help you in the future.


The cosmos sends Sagittarius a greeting from the past to make them appreciate and celebrate their present even more. You feel recharged and fun-loving, open to adventure, new experiences and lessons. You become more and more you and follow your destiny – but here and there you tend to forget the path you took to get to this point. You can be proud of yourself and your development, the cosmic forces want to remind you of that now. Don’t let this unsettle you if you find their memory a damper, a brake or a setback.

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