Margot Robbie quiz: 10 looks, 10 films to find!

On the occasion of the cinema release of Babylon, we invite you to test your knowledge of its main actress, Margot Robbie!

Margot Robbie is currently playing Babylon alongside Brad Pitt. For the occasion, test your knowledge of the actress’ films with our quiz about her looks!

As a reminder, Babylon takes us to the Los Angeles of the 1920s. A story of excessive ambition and the wildest excesses, the work traces the rise and fall of various characters during the creation of Hollywood, a era of unbounded decadence and depravity.

Margot Robbie plays Nellie LaRoy. If this character is inspired by several silent film stars, it is the true story of Clara Bow which particularly helped Margot Robbie to understand the role.

“Clara Bow had probably the worst childhood I’ve ever heard of”, she says, referring to the trauma and abuse she suffered in an environment also marked by poverty. The actress continues:

“Clara’s parents never got a birth certificate because they had already lost two children, and were sure she would never outgrow her infancy. When I read this, the character of Nellie began to make sense to me. I realized that she had always felt like every day on this planet was counted to her, and she gave it her all as a result.”

Babylon is the result of 15 years of research and world-building that took root in director Damien Chazelle’s head long before he typed the first draft of the screenplay.

“I wanted to examine under the microscope the beginnings of an art form and an industry, when both were still finding their feet and, on a deeper level, I liked the idea of ​​observing a changing society. “, explains the filmmaker.


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