Marie-Luise Marjan: She returns to her "Lindenstrasse" kitchen once more


For 35 years, Marie-Luise Marjan was the mother of Beimer in her kitchen on "Lindenstrasse". Now she was coming back one last time.

On Wednesday, mother Beimer personally lined up for the very last time in her famous kitchen on "Lindenstrasse". This was made possible by the House of History in Bonn. From Thursday, September 17th, numerous props, costumes and backdrops from the cult series discontinued in March 2020 can be admired there. Actress Marie-Luise Marjan (80), known as Helga Beimer from "Lindenstrasse", naturally insisted on being a guest in person for the presentation of the exhibition.

"Lindenstrasse" will now open its doors until January 31, 2020. In addition to the Beimer cuisine, there is also the "Akropolis Restaurant" and the famous "Lindenstrasse" bus stop to be seen there. After the exhibition is over, the backdrops will move to the museum's collection. In November 2019, the WDR announced that it wanted to preserve the props for posterity. It is therefore natural to treat the legacy of the cult series with respect.

From 1985 a total of 1,758 episodes were produced for "Lindenstrasse". The first German soap opera, broadcast on Sundays, about the inhabitants of a fictional Munich street, regularly tied more than ten million people to the TV sets, especially in the early years. What is special about the cult series by Hans W. Geißendörfer (79): The scripts are dedicated to controversial and current social issues such as AIDS, homosexuality and right-wing extremism.