Marilou Berry fulfilled mom: the actress presents her son Andy

In November 2018, Marilou Berry gave birth to her first child, a little boy named Andy, and he grew up well! Yes Josiane Balasko's daughter often shares slices of her life on her social networks, it is rare that she shows the boil of her son, yet, on the occasion of Father's Day, the actress revealed the boil ofAndy, now 18 months old. Sunday June 21, 2020, she posted a picture of the little one in her father's arms at the beach.

Andy looks a lot like his mom, who seems to be more than proud of his offspring, but also of his darling. "Happy Birthday Dad. Best dad", she noted. As a reminder, Marilou Berry spins perfect love with Alexis, a street artist that some may know by the name Diamantaire. It is not uncommon for lovers to appear together on social networks or in a few evenings.

Internet users under Andy's charm

On Instagram, Andy caused a sensation. Little loulou, who had sand on his cheek in the photo posted by his mom, has received many magnificent declarations. In bulk, we could read: "He looks so much like you "," He's so cute "," So cute ", or "It is too beautiful this little one"At just 18 months old, baby already has many fans, even if it's not as much as his mom, who has more than 133,000 followers on Instagram.

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