Mario and Ann-Kathrin Götze: "We were always worried"

Mario and Ann-Kathrin Götze's baby was born too early. In the interview, they tell how they experienced the first time and what they learned.

The son of professional soccer player Mario Götze (28) and influencer Ann-Kathrin Götze (30) did not have an easy start in life. Rome (5 months) was born seven weeks before the calculated due date and thus as a so-called premature baby. In a double interview with the magazine "Gala", the two talked about their troubled first days.

"On the day Rome was born, everything happened extremely quickly and he had to be fetched. At first we didn't know how he was doing and whether he was missing anything," remembers Ann-Kathrin. "The time in the hospital was very intense. We were constantly worried," she says. They were not prepared for this situation, but thanks to "an experienced team" and the "good conditions" they could be helped.

For a good cause

The couple want to use the good things they experienced during this dramatic phase to help other parents. "We believe it is important to educate people about the subject and show them that it can affect anyone," explains Mario.

"There is a lot of support for premature babies and their parents in Germany. We should be extremely grateful for that. But it is important that this help continues in the future. This requires the support of all of us."

Parents since June

Ann-Kathrin Götze and the soccer world champion from 2014 have been officially married since May 2018. There was a big celebration a year later in June 2019. She remembered both anniversaries this year on Instagram. Their son Rome was born on June 5, 2020, as she happily let her followers know a few days later. "Rome is a real sunshine and always exudes a good mood. Most of the time he is so nice and smiles at us," enthuses Papa Mario in a double interview.