Married at first sight: A candidate arrested by the police for acts of violence

Since 2016, M6 viewers have been passionate about Married at first sight. A show that allows contestants to meet a man or woman they are supposed to be compatible with. It is only at the time of the union at the town hall that they meet and decide whether they wish to marry. The program has allowed some candidates to find love like Alicia and Bruno or Damien and Pauline last season. If in France, the participants do not make waves, it is not the same abroad.

george robertsone of the candidates for the English version, was arrested by police in Worcestershire on September 29 on suspicion of violent behavior as revealed The Sun. But he was later released on bail, pending further investigation. The 40-year-old financial adviser, who is the father of four children, denied the charges against him. This arrest took place after three former companions broke the silence on his behavior and since then others have come forward.

According to a spokesperson for George Roberts, the participant would be “deeply upset” by the situation. The bosses of the E4 channel, on which is broadcast Married at first sight, meanwhile, assured that the participants were subject to rigorous background checks and that they knew nothing. Words refuted by an ex-companion of the father of the family in DailyMail : “I am so shocked to see that he was given a platform in a television program. I messaged Married at First Sight, said I reported him to the police, they asked me for more information, and I haven’t heard from them again.

Despite the controversy, E4 made the decision to continue airing the show during which George Roberts married, in a legally non-legal ceremony, former Miss Great Britain April Banbury (32) ). Still according to a source, close to the latter, the candidate would have a very difficult time and would never want to see the one she married again.

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