Marvel quiz: you know these 9 villains, but do you know their first names?

Marvel superheroic productions have no secrets for you? And the villains of these films even less? So try to find, not the names, but the first names of these 9 bad-guys!

They are more than essential in Marvel movies. Without them, the adventures of the studio would be nothing. Who are we talking about ? There are superheroes, of course, but that’s not the issue here. You found ? The bad guys, of course!

At work to face Iron Man, Ant-Man or even Captain America, the bad-guys of the Marvel team are fascinating! And sometimes they almost manage to steal the show from the real heroes and heroines…

If everyone obviously knows the name of these Marvel villains, characters that we love to hate so much, it is already more difficult to remember their names in the city and even less their first names! What if you tested yourself on the subject?

Do you think you know the names of Marvel villains? Are you certain that these characters who thrill audiences all over the world have no secrets for you? Then try the no-fault with our quiz made up of 9 questions!

On your marks… Get set… Play!

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