Marvel: She-Hulk compared to Shrek after the release of the trailer!

Revealed yesterday by Disney+, the She-Hulk trailer is causing controversy. Disgruntled fans compare the heroine to Fiona in Shrek!

Expected for August 17 on Disney +, the series She-Hulk: Lawyer on Jennifer Walters, a young woman who shares the same powers as her cousin Hulk, caused a lot of reactions as soon as its first trailer was broadcast.

Mixed reactions from viewers who aren’t too impressed with what they’ve seen so far. Many fans are angry due to the poor quality of the special effects and the portrayal of She-Hulk in the trailer. So much so that it revives the memes of Shrek!

The reaction of disgruntled fans on Twitter

“Shrek in live-action looks cool”

“Do you think Disney intentionally released the She-Hulk trailer on the anniversary of Shrek’s release?”

“Shrek in The Multiverse of Madness #SheHulk”

“Just saw the #SheHulk trailer. Great for the investment made in the special effects for Shrek in 2001 which always pays dividends. Fffffffff….. Phase 4 is killing my interest in the #MCU”

Some people still defend the appearance of the character of She-Hulk, the acting of Tatiana Maslany who plays Jennifer Walters as well as the tone of the series, clearly turned towards comedy. You don’t have to wait any longer to form your own opinion. She-Hulk lands August 17 on Disney+.

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