Mary Steenburgen: She raves about daughter-in-law Lily Collins

Mary Steenburgen
She raves about daughter-in-law Lily Collins

Hollywood star Mary Steenburgen (left) has officially been Lily Collins’ mother-in-law since September 4th.

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Lily Collins has been under the hood since September 4th. Her mother-in-law, Hollywood star Mary Steenburgen, raves about the wedding.

Hollywood star Mary Steenburgen (68) is still full of enthusiasm after the wedding of her son, director Charlie McDowell (38), with daughter-in-law Lily Collins (32). The Golden Globe and Oscar winner wrote on Instagram to a photo showing the happy bride and groom: “Charlie, my son, and Lily, my daughter-in-law! Thank you for letting us all indulge in the beauty of your love.”

“My heart is overflowing and it almost feels as if the last few days had been some kind of beautiful dream,” enthuses the 68-year-old. But it is “all real”. She feels “like the happiest mother in the world”.

Famous parents

“I couldn’t be happier to be your daughter-in-law,” commented Emily in Paris star Lily Collins. On another picture you can see Steenburgen with her son. She wrote: “The most wonderful weekend ever!” Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell tied the knot on September 4th.

Charlie McDowell and his sister Lilly (40) come from Steenburgens first marriage to actor Malcolm McDowell (78) from 1980 to 1990. Since 1995 the actress is married to Ted Danson (73). Like her new husband, Lily Collins also has a world-famous parent: Her father is a musician Phil Collins (70).